Yoga, Tutoring, and Home School

Yoga, Tutoring, and Home School

Yoga, Tutoring, and Home SchoolYoga, Tutoring, and Home SchoolYoga, Tutoring, and Home School

If you are new to yoga and movement, have pain due to an injury,  or have learning differences or special needs, we can help.

Find Your Abilities!


Rehabilitative Yoga

People acquire some level of degenerative disease as they age; the pain can be debilitating! Rehabilitative Yoga is therapeutic, gentle, and adaptive. Each movement is targeted to open up each joint area. Breathing exercises assist the mind and body with better functioning. These balancing stretches stem from the Hatha Yoga tradition. In fact, many of them are prescribed by physical therapists and chiropractors to their patients and are being rediscovered today. Allow Lisa, our yoga instructor, to help you meet your goals. 

Yoga positions in the class relieve pressure on painful joints and facilitate better alignment. One by one we will move through and rebuild sensitive and crucial areas of our body. Old patterns can be released and let go with practice! 

We will gradually expand ranges of motion for flexibility. And finally, strengthening exercises will assist in building proper alignment and balance.


Kids Programs

Yoga for kids at school are available to help klds to focus and be calm. We offer as well, private yoga classes by our yoga instructor, Lisa. Tutoring for academics is also in Lisa Stortstrom's wheelhouse, as she was a schoolteacher for 20 years! Lisa is Gardiner Scholarship approved, so you can use that for funding! Lisa has a Master's Degree in Special Needs and 2 Montessori Certifications. She is professionally certified in Florida in K-6 Regular Education and K-12 for Special Needs. She specializes in Autism Spectrum, ADHD, adaptive technology, writing, and Montessori Method. Yoga for special needs can help your child with social skills and communication. 


Special Needs

What are special needs exactly? There are many definitions and delineations. Lisa feels first and foremost that every person has strengths, talents, and gifts as well as weaknesses, challenges, and areas with which to work. In yoga, a special need is an area requiring  accommodations or modifications in order to access a class comfortably.  We teach breathing and achievable parts of Hatha yoga poses. Then, we build  up to complete poses in private sessions and classes. Yoga offers overall better functioning. We currently offer classes in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, Florida.