Yoga Benefits

How Does Yoga Benefit People?

For people experiencing pain - from work, an  injury, or a developmental delay, yoga brings healthy change abd relief. For thousands of years, this practice has been used by millions of people relax and calm the mind, stretch muscles, relieve pain in joints, find alignment, and move our bodies in a balanced manner through yoga poses.

For children and adults with  differing learning needs,  yoga can bring focus, clarity, better breathing and consequently, improved body functioning, It can bring stress relief, calm the mind and body, and increase attention spans for better learning at school or in day proframs.  As body awareness increases, self-confidence grows. Breathing exercises teach how to bring oxygen into our bodies and how to self regulate. The stretches and flows teach proper movement. Singing and hand movements with the teacher wake up the entire brain. Breathing and moving together bring a sense of peace and well-being. Yoga is also enjoyable , social, and fun! Our yoga classes are currently being held in Bradenton, Venice, and Sarasota, Florida. 

More Yoga Benefits

• Benefits all internal organs by stimulating the heart to pump 

                more oxygen to  all parts of the body

• Weight loss and rapid body toning

• Tone and strengthen muscles

• Increase flexibility and balance

• Better sleep through regulation of sleep cycle

• Stress reduction

• Increases energy and vitality

• Slowing of the ageing process

• Helps improve health conditions

• Alignment 

• Improves Asthma suffering

• prevents injuries and aid in the healing of injuries 

• promotes detoxification through sweating 

• limits the effects of aging



Tom Waters, CEO, Easter Seals Southwest Florida

"The students have made so much progress!"

Wendy, Resident of the Haven

"I feel better." 

(Wendy is now walking around without her walker!)

Alex, 8 year-old, Easter Seals

"I feel great!" 

Damon, 4-year old, Easter Seals

"Life is so beautiful!"

Noelle Kolupa-Bourdeau, first time class participant

"I had the best nights sleep of my life last night. My anxiety about my treatment for depression was almost completely gone. I am hooked on yoga! I cannot thank you enough!"

Claudia Baeza, Hear of Dharma Footprint Project

"It takes a special person to work with people with special needs. Lisa can hear them and they know that!"